In-Person vs. Online Interior Design Services

Every good interior designer project is underpinned by a personalised approach and deep understanding of the client’s brief. But thanks to the advent of the internet, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean in-person consultations. Over recent years the interior design industry has witnessed a transformative shift, with an increasing number of professionals offering online services. This has left many clients wondering if online interior design services are as effective as in-person consultations. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at each option and compare the tactile experience of in-person consultations with the convenience and flexibility of an online interior designer.

In-person interior design: an intimate and hands-on experience

In-person interior design services have long been the industry standard and take a hands-on approach to transforming spaces. The nature of face-to-face consultations allows designers to physically assess the space, observe natural light, consider architectural features and engage with the client on a personal level. This traditional approach fosters a deep connection between the designer and client. 

For many interior designers, in-person services are preferred as they help build a more intuitive understanding of the client's unique preferences, needs and lifestyle. This sense of connection continues throughout the project and allows for real-time decision making and adjustments, whether it’s selecting fabrics, choosing colour schemes or getting creative with furniture layouts. 

The bottom line: In-person consultations allow for a deeper understanding of the physical environment itself, as well as the individuality of the client. This face-to-face approach helps map a design journey deeply rooted in the unique characteristics of the space and client. 



Online interior design: a convenient and flexible alternative, with global reach

Online interior designer services offer a convenient and flexible alternative to traditional in-person consultations. One of the key differences is the elimination of geographical boundaries, which allows clients to connect with designers regardless of their location. The process typically begins with clients sharing room dimensions, photos and inspiration boards online. A virtual interior designer then crafts mood boards, layout plans and 3D visualisations designed to simulate the in-person experience, without the need for physical proximity. 

There’s a big focus on technology, with online interior designers often utilising communication tools like video calls and instant messaging. This virtual approach suits clients with busy schedules or those living in remote areas with limited access to in-person design services. Additionally, the online model often proves more cost-effective, a perk that can make professional design services accessible to a broader audience.

The bottom line: Virtual interior design services break down geographical barriers and unlock access to a vast pool of talent. This allows clients to cherry-pick designers based on factors like experience, specialties and budget. 



The hybrid approach: bridging the divide

Recognising the merits of both approaches, some interior designers offer a hybrid model that combines the intimacy of in-person consultations with the efficiency of online collaboration. For many clients this strikes the perfect balance. 

Not sure whether to opt for an online interior designer or keep things face-to-face? At InteriorNet we work with designers offering in-person, online and hybrid services. This empowers you with the flexibility to pick and choose your services, depending on the unique needs of your project. 

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