Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior design style generally incorporates the trends that are in now.  It borrows elements from other design styles and is constantly evolving. For example, mid-century furniture is currently in fashion and is often included within a contemporary scheme.

Key features of this design style are:

  • Muted neutral colour palette along with black and white
  • Mixture of different textures and materials
  • Simple shapes and crisp lines

Contemporary interior design considerations

Contemporary interiors combine elements of both traditional and ultra-modern design. Unlike other distinct design styles, there are no hard-and-fast reference points when it comes to cotemporary interior design. This leaves plenty of room for creativity, making it easy to curate living spaces that are both visually stunning and functional. 

Furniture should make a statement but remain simple and uncluttered. Think clean lines and geometric shapes, upholstered in blacks, whites and other neutral shades. Stay away from anything too decorative – understated is always better when it comes to contemporary interior design. It’s okay to get playful with colour, but use it sparingly. And avoid overly traditional design elements like ruffles and floral prints. 

Create warmth by incorporating natural fibers and textures into your contemporary space. Soft materials like cotton, linen, wool, leather and raw silk are ideal for rugs, throws and cushions. Hard materials like natural wood will bring depth to your space, while polished concrete and marble are glamorous options. 

Venturing beyond aesthetics, storage solutions are a cornerstone of contemporary interior design. Integrated storage solutions like concealed cabinets help streamline your space, minimise clutter and embrace the contemporary interior design ethos.

How a contemporary interior designer can help

In the pursuit of contemporary interior design, professional help can make all the difference. A skilled designer brings not only experience but a keen understanding of current design trends, as well as the ability to tailor them to the individual preferences and budgets of clients. 

Enter InteriorNet, your portal to connect with contemporary interior designers. Through our online platform, you can share details about your project, including factors like location, specialisation and desired experience level. We’ll then curate a list of up to five contemporary interior designers that match your brief. The service is free, making it easy to enlist the help of contemporary interior designer experts. 

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