Luxury Interior Design

Luxury Interior Design (or High-end Interior Design) is difficult to define and is more of a feel rather than a style.  Luxury Interior design focusses on elegance, comfort and bespoke elements that together, create a feeling of walking into 5-star hotel.

Key features of this design style are:

  • Precious materials such as marble, metal and stone
  • Textures like velvet, silk and leather
  • Atmospheric lighting with statement pieces

Luxury interior design considerations

Luxury interior design seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary elements. Unlike rigid styles defined by specific design cues, high-end interiors offer limitless creative freedom. This allows a luxury interior designer to curate spaces that are not only visually striking but exude opulence.

Furniture is often used to make a statement, with larger pieces bringing drama and extravagance to the space.

Feel free to get playful with color, though with an element of restraint. This approach allows designers to embrace the power of colour without overwhelming the space. In terms of prints, a luxury interior designer tends to skip traditional styles and instead opt for a bolder approach. For example, bold, botanical-inspired prints in place of the ditsy florals championed in vintage, eclectic and shabby chic spaces. 

High-end materials like full-grain leather wear well and develop a beautiful patina over time, making it ideal for furniture. When used sparingly, velvet is a plush and decadent fabric that works wonders in luxury spaces, especially when opting for deep, jewel-toned colours. 

While expensive, silk is the ultimate luxurious fabric for upholstery, curtains and accent pillows. Many luxury interior designers prefer the subtle sheen and rough texture of raw silk, which tones down the glamour and brings a natural look to your space. 

The value of a luxury interior designer

Contrary to what you might think, luxury interior design isn’t just about your budget. With a professional interior designer on your team, it’s possible to create beautiful and affordable spaces that exude luxury.  

A skilled luxury interior designer not only brings extensive experience to the table but possesses a discerning eye for detail. This is the secret to transforming everyday spaces into luxurious enclaves. 

Our online platform exists to help you connect with top luxury interior designers across the UK. Using the unique details of your project, we curate a list of up to five luxury interior designers. The best part? Our premium designer-matching service comes at no cost. This feature ensures all Brits can connect with professional designers and pursue luxury, no matter the size, style or budget of their project. 


Image credit top: Falchi Interior Design

Image credit middle: Anya Brakha

Image credit bottom: Walter Ruggiero Design


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