Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design style refers to a design era associated with the early to mid-20th century. For modern interior designers, the practicality of living spaces is equally as important as their aesthetics. Based on Scandinavian and German architecture and design, this type of interior design focusses on open plan and clutter free living and often includes abstract and modernist art.

A precursor to minimalist décor, modern interior design is characterised by geometric shapes, simple, clean designs, industrial and natural materials, along with subtle colour schemes and practical storage solutions. If you value free, open spaces and classic, understated furnishings and décor, modern interior designers are the right choice for your home.

Things to consider for Modern interior design...

  • Choose a monochromatic colour palette.
  • Go for clean lines and minimalism.
  • Keep it natural with materials and lighting.
  • Add metals for an industrial look.
  • Reduce clutter and optimise storage.
  • Display modern art and geometric patterns.

Balance style and practicality with modern interior designers

Great interior design doesn’t sacrifice practicality. Modern interior design is founded on the principles of the German Bauhaus movement, which promoted the fusion of functional and stylish design. Have your own unique style in mind? Experienced modern interior designers can combine this versatile interior style with elements of minimalism, eclectic, or Scandi design to suit your home.

Whether you’re planning on revamping your living room or kitchen, or completely transforming your home office, collaborating with an inspiring modern interior designer can turn your dream home into a reality. Need help planning your floor space? Or perhaps you’d like mood boards to inspire you? Whatever support you need, modern interior designers are on hand to provide assistance when you need it.

Creating functional and modern interior design

Interior design shouldn’t just be for the elite. Finding your perfect modern interior designer on your own can be challenging. Interior designers are in great demand, and frequent rejections are inevitable – not to mention discouraging. Fortunately, there’s an alternative to ringing every designer. Our easy online search makes it simple to find your dream designer.

All you need to do is let us know the kind of designer and services that you require, along with details of your budget and location. Once that’s complete, we’ll take over to find your ideal modern interior designer. You’ll be matched up with five inspiring interior designers who meet your requirements. Plus, using our search is completely free – with services from just £99!





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