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Why should I hire an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer is a visual story teller whose role is to enhance your living space and the quality of your life within it.  An Interior Designer will ensure you spend your budget wisely, getting value for money and avoiding costly mistakes .  Their knowledge of the latest trends, products and suppliers will give you access to a wider range of choices.


What does an Interior Designer do?

An Interior Designer's role is to make your space functional, beautiful and safe.  They are there to help you make the right choices when it comes to space planning, colour schemes, lighting design, materials and furniture. They do this by using a combination of:

·       Concept or Mood boards

·       Space planning/layouts

·       Sketches, 2D & 3D rendering

·       Samples of fabrics, materials and textures

·       Sourcing/shopping list


When should I hire an Interior Designer?

It is always best to hire an Interior Designer at the beginning of your project.  This will mean they can guide you not only on your scheme but also what to ask, and when to speak to, builders and architects, should you need to.


I don’t know what my style is?

Many people don’t.  An Interior Designer is a style detective who can see clues to your style that are invisible to you.  They read your character, passions, lifestyle, history and your home.


Is my project too small?

Absolutely not! With a wide range of Interior Designers at InteriorNet, there is always a professional happy to work on your project regardless of its size. Sometimes the best things come in small packages.


Is my budget too small?

If all you are looking for is inspiration, online services can start from as low as £99. 

View our budget guide


How do I choose the right Interior Designer?

With InteriorNet, the hard work is done for you.  You just have to choose from the shortlist of 5 Interior Designers who have expressed a desire to work with you.  You can speak to them and go with the Interior Designer you like best.


What if I don’t like any of the Interior Designers I’m matched to or no one has contacted me?

We are confident that you will find a match first time. However If you feel none are right for you then you can contact us directly at and we will help get you to the right Interior Designer.  We do this by reviewing your requirements and ensuring they are realistic and, where applicable, by adding more information.

If you still have a question, please email us at

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