Dining Room

In today’s modern living, dining rooms generally form part of a large space. One of the first things to consider when interior designing a dining area is how the space will be used and how many people it needs to accommodate. 

Is it for dinner parties only or everyday casual family use – or both? These requirements will shape the details of the space and help define the design.

Things to consider:

•    Dining table size and shape, expandable or not
•    Flow of the room, you should be able to easily pull chairs out and             comfortably walk around the table.
•    Frame the room with wallpaper to inject personality
•    Comfortable chairs are a must 

Dining room interior design considerations

The perfect dining room demands a blend of functionality, style and atmosphere. Just as an artisan carefully sculpts a masterpiece, dining room interior design requires meticulous attention to detail.

Begin by assessing the available space, paying careful attention to factors such as room dimensions, natural light and focal points. Thoughtful furniture placement is crucial in dining room interior design and helps to create an environment that combines comfort and functionality with visual appeal. 

Colour is important as it not only reflects your personal style but sets the tone for your dining room experience. Timeless neutrals like Abalone by Benjamin Moore and Slipper Satin by Farrow & Ball are elegant choices while bold jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue make a serious statement. You can even get scientific about your colour palette and incorporate red, an appetite-stimulating colour, into your dining room interior design strategy.  

The table is the focal point of dining rooms, so it’s worth investing in a beautiful piece. Consider wood tables for a warm and inviting aesthetic or embrace contemporary design with materials like polished concrete and high-shine lacquer. Thoughtfully lighting can be used to accentuate your table and bring a touch of drama and ambiance to the space.

Finally, don’t underestimate the value of personal touches. Incorporating unique artwork, tableware and botanical arrangements into your dining room interior design strategy can help create a space that reflects your style and personality. 

The value of a dining room interior designer

In most households, the dining room is more than just a place to eat. It’s a dynamic space used to share meals, socialise and foster meaningful connections with friends and family. The table itself is also a highly practical space, providing a versatile platform for activities that extend well beyond dining. From working at home to completing school projects, the dining table serves as a central hub for productivity and creativity, accommodating the diverse needs of modern living.

With so many roles, it’s worth enlisting the expertise of a professional dining room interior designer to help you create a space that meets the unique needs of your household. From refining layout and flow to sourcing bespoke furnishings and decor, a skilled designer can transform your dining room into a sanctuary of style and functionality. At InteriorNet, we make it easy with a purpose-built platform designed to connect professional designers with clients across the UK. 

Image credit top: ACA Interiors

Image credit middle: Natalia Koall

Image credit bottom: Territory Interior Design


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